Hysterectomy is the surgical removal of a woman’s uterus. It can also include the removal of the cervix, fallopain tubes and ovaries when necessary.

Hysterecomty can be performed in many ways, traditional abdominal hysterectomy is done with a large incision. However, all Asheville Women’s Medical Center Physicians are able to perform minimally invasive hysterectomies.

Vaginal hysterectomy is the removal of the uterus and cervix through the vagina. It requires no abdominal incisions and is considered a natural orifice surgery.

Laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy is a hysterectomy that utilizes laparoscopic techniques to assist in a vaginal hysterectomy.

Total laparoscopic hysterectomy is performed with small incisions on the abdomen.

Vaginal hysterectomy and laparoscopic hysterectomies utilize a minimally invasive approach that has the patient back to normal activities as soon as possible.