Urinary Incontinence

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If you’re suffering from a bladder control problem, you are not alone. Millions of women in the United States have bladder control problems. Many also have some type of pelvic prolapse – a relaxation of the muscles and structures that support the pelvic organs.

Because these are such highly personal issues, many women are hesitant to bring them to the attention of their doctor, perhaps because they don’t realize just how common – or treatable – bladder control problems are. With the care of an understanding, sensitive and skilled physician, urinary incontinence and pelvic prolapse can be treated effectively, often in a way that’s remarkably patient-friendly.

Understanding urinary incontinence.

Incontinence is the loss of normal control of your bladder and is characterized by an abnormal frequency of urges or leakage. Incontinence can keep you from engaging in social interaction or your favorite activities and can negatively impact your self-image. The causes of urinary incontinence include the natural aging process, certain diseases, anatomical defects, and side effects of some medications. Pelvic prolapse is another primary cause of the condition and can also affect the bladder, uterus, vagina, and rectum, causing a whole host of troubling conditions.

Treating urinary incontinence

We use advanced exams, including urodynamic testing for bladder control problems diagnosis. With plenty of communication, we will help you understand your situation and explain all your treatment options in detail. We always look at conservative solutions first, such as bladder retraining, exercise regimens and diet and nutrition counseling. Recently we have also started offering pelvic floor physical therapy as an effective non-surgical treatment option that can improve your quality of life.  If your condition warrants surgery, we offer the minimally invasive retropubic sling procedure. It supports your bladder and helps prevent accidental leakage while it offers quicker recovery time. This procedure is usually done on an outpatient basis.

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